Towards phasing out mercury added products

An NGO webinar to share challenges and practical experiences

28 January 2021, 14:00 – 15:30 CET.

53 participants, 36 NGOs from 29 countries

NGOs who may want to watch the webinar can contact Rina.

Event agenda:

  1. Opening and introduction
  2. Opportunities and challenges
  3. Practical tools towards implementing MC Art. 4 phase out provisions
  4. Sharing practical experiences
  5. Q&A

During the event, participants will be invited to send in questions via the chat.
To better prepare for the event try answering these questions:

1) Are you in contact with the national mercury focal point and other key officials responsible for addressing Article 4 provisions?
2) What is the current status of implementing Article 4 in your country?
3) What are the main impediments/challenges to your country moving forward over the next 12 months?