Europe takes a bold new step towards chemical safety

A long-awaited Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability has been launched by the European Commission, aiming to rapidly phase out vast amounts of substances toxifying our homes, workplaces and environment. The initiative heralds a suite of upcoming laws and regulatory initiatives, expected in the coming weeks and months. It was widely welcomed by health, consumer and environmental organisations.

The following week, Zero Mercury co-hosted a seminar to discuss the strategy with leading voice from business, civil society and lawmakers, including European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans.

A written summary of this event is available here

The event kicked off with guest speaker Aileen Smith, who played a crucial role in exposing the intense and deliberate poisoning of Japanese waters by a Chisso Corporation chemical company. She was joined by Hollywood director Andrew Levitas, whose new film Minamata recounts the corporate poisoning and stars Johnny Depp.

Minamata is set for release early next year.
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