Shocking EIA report exposed during a webinar: find here the slides presented by the panellists

Shocking EIA report exposes a global failure to prevent the deliberate addition of toxic mercury to skin lightening products.

Today Thursday, October 19th a panel of experts presented new findings exposing the production and trade of mercury-added skin lightening products.

An undercover investigation by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has exposed the illicit production, trade, and sale of mercury-added skin lightening products (SLPs) that continue despite legal prohibitions, including a global treaty ban. The investigation reveals key methods being used by companies producing mercury-added SLPs and the mercury compound supply sources serving these producers in three different countries. Panellists will include EIA covering the investigation findings, Peter Maxson, presenting his findings in a recently completed mercury compounds study, and new findings from the Zero Mercury Working Group.

Here the slides presented by EIA

Here the slides presented by EEB/ZMWG

Here the slides presented by Peter Maxson

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