PETITION:  Make Mercury added cosmetics History! 


Strengthen the Convention provisions to disallow sales and marketing of mercury-added skin lightening products  

During the upcoming COP51 in late October, an amendment by the African Region2 has been proposed to strengthen existing Convention provisions that currently ban manufacture and trade of mercury added cosmetics. 

Oftentimes, beauty products applied daily to our bodies and without our knowledge, contain toxic chemicals.3  

One of the most toxic is mercury, which is used as a preservative in skin whiteners designed to lighten skin color.  

Mercury is a dangerous, persistent neurotoxin that can cause adverse health impacts ranging from skin irritation and dizziness to cognitive and psychological damage and impairment.4 

As discussed in the open letter, the Zero Mercury Working Group5 and our partners around the globe are calling on the Head Delegates to the Minamata Convention to stand in support of the African Cosmetics Amendment which could:        

  1. Facilitate Parties to detect mercury in cosmetics, and  
  1. Increase harmonization through collaborating interministerially and globally to prevent sales and marketing of mercury-added skin whiteners.  
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