Minamata Convention on Mercury COP5 – Farewell to fluorescents: sign the petition

In October, delegates representing 146 nations have the opportunity to say Farewell to Fluorescents and avoid a cumulative 178 metric tonnes of mercury pollution (lamps and power plant emissions).

Transitioning to clean, energy-efficient LED lighting will eliminate the threat of lighting-related mercury exposure, alleviate strain on national power grids and ensure that people have access to the safe, affordable lighting we all deserve.

Join the Clean Lighting Coalition, Zero Mercury Working Group, Climate Action Network, and our partners from around the globe in signing the petition urging international leaders to stand in support of the African Lighting Amendment with a fluorescent phase out date of 2026 or earlier at the Minamata Convention on Mercury COP5.

Let’s say #FarewelltoFluorescents once and for all.
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