UNEP Hg Diplomatic Conference, 7-11 October 2013, Kumamoto-Minamata, Japan


All UNEP relevant documents and details about the meeting can be found at the dedicated UNEP webpages for the Preparatory meeting and the Diplomatic Conference.

 In preparation for the meeting the ZMWG has released a global report :

Assessing hair mercury levels of women of childbearing age in 9 countries: A civil society pilot project

The report was released on:

1 October 2013 in Europe
In advance of mercury treaty adoption, Hair testing shows link between fish consumption and higher mercury exposure

and on

2 October 2013in Japan and worldwide - 
In advance of treaty adoption, hair testing shows worldwide exposure to mercury


The ZMWG organised a side event on 7 October 2013. Around 80 delegates attended.


While in Kumamoto, the treaty was signed by 92 countries - see the new UNEP website on the Minamata Convention

At the end of the Diplomatic Conference, the ZMWG coordinator delivered the closing statement


Photo gallery

ZMWG side event:50 by 2015- Make it Happen!. New Studies on Mercury Exposure risks and the ZMWG Action Challenge