UNEP Hg OEWG 1 , 12-16 November 2007, Bangkok, Thailand. Print
Friday, 10 September 2010 13:38

NGOs received a letter from UNEP asking for comments on the mercury partnerships on 4 June 2007.

On the 25-26 June 2007, EEB, MPP and HCWH participated at the UNEP Exploratory meeting on mercury partnerships in Geneva. Summary slides were produced by UNEP but NO formal report is foreseen to be produced.

9 July 2007, Zero Mercury Working Group comments on the planned content of the atmospheric emissions report required under the UNEP Governing Council 24th meeting Decision 24/3, paragraph 24., were sent to UNEP

17 July 2007, NGOs letter to UNEP, in response to UNEP’s request for comments on strengthening mercury partnerships, per the UNEP Governing Council Decision 24/3.

The EEB/Zero Mercury Working Group organised an NGO meeting on global mercury strategies, 11 November 2007, Bangkok, Thailand in preparation for the First Open Ended Working Group(OEWG) on Mercury , 12-16 November, Bangkok, Thailand.

Organisational details
The NGO meeting took place on Sunday 11 November 2007, 8:30-14.00, at the Prince Palace Hotel, Meeting Room: Palace 2 - 14th floor

Background documents
1. NGOs proposal/input to 24 GC,  29 January 2007
2. UNEP 24-3 Decision , 9 February 2007
3. UNEP(DTIE)/Hg/OEWG.1/2 - Study on options for global control of mercury (available in ALL UN languages) here in EN , ES, CHI and Arabic

The report from the NGO meeting and the NGO presence at the First OEWG on mercury can be found here.
A report from IISD, Environmental Negotiations Bulletin can also be found here.