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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 12:44

First Conference of the Parties of the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP1)

24-29 September 2017, Geneva, Switzerland.

All UN Environment relevant documents and details about the meeting can be found at : 


ZMWG  publications and position papers

ZMWG Views on COP 1 Decisions, September 2017, EN,  FR ES, RU

ZMWG Trade Fact Sheet, September 2017, EN, FR, ES, RU 

ZMWG/NRDC ASGM Trade Fact Sheet, September 2017, EN, FR, ES , RU 

UNEP brochure (co-drafted by MPP) - Lessons from countries phasing down dental amalgam use

ZMWG Statements @ COP1

Opening Statement, 24 September

Statement on Reporting of Mercury Supply and Trade, 25 September 2017 

Statement on Interim Storage, 25 September 2017

Statement on Waste, 26 September 2017 

Statement on Matters for Future Action Art 3, 26 September 2017

Statements on Matters for Future Action Art 14, 26 September 2017

 Closing Statement, 29 September 2017

Press releases

19 October 2017

ZMWG Blog - Summary  Minamata COP 1

26 September 2017

As new global mercury treaty enters into force, worldwide mercury production skyrockets, note Global NGO Coalition on World Environmental Health Day , FR

22 September 2017

New treaty effectiveness will depend on adequacy of data to be collected, say NGOs 

16 August 2017

New treaty's entry into force set to curtail global mercury crisis, say NGOs  ES, PT


New treaty's entry into force set to curtail global #mercury crisis, say NGOs, EU Reporter





Campaigners hail entry into force of global mercury treaty EEB 

Africa: Minamata Convention, Curbing Mercury Use, Is Now Legally Binding


UN treaty curbing mercury emission comes into effect