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Coordinating NGO for EEB/ZMWG funded projects: Ecologistas en Accion

Contact person: Leticia Baselga


Zero Mercury Working Group activities in Spain


2011: the NGO Ecologistas en Accion brings legal action against the company Ercros on Spanish level and supports the claim of the NGO Oceana on European level.


2010: New mercury monitoring exercise in 2 chlor-alkali plants:  Flix (Erkimia-Ercros), Pontevedra (Elnosa). Huge mercury levels in air found in Flix (above 25,000 ng/m3) and high mercury levels (above WHO/EPA recommendations) in air and soils in Pontevedra.


Full report 2006-2010:


2009: Mercury in Spanish medical sector, survey on the feasibility of switching from mercury sphygmomanometers to mercury-free sphygmomanometers in health care.

2008: Mercury in energy-saving lamps, campaign warning of the toxicity of mercury-containing lamps.

Getting respite for our planet (ppt):


Mercury in air monitoring exercise in 3 chlor-alkali plants: Martorell (Solvay), Flix (Erkimia-Ercros), Pontevedra (Elnosa). Mercury levels found were all above WHO/EPA recommendations.

Campaign “Mercury in fish”

Leaflet with Hg levels in fish:

2006: Mercury in air monitoring exercise in 3 chlor-alkali plants: Palos de la Frontera (Aragonesas-Ercros), Monzon (Quimicas del Cinca), Torrelavega (Solvay). Mercury levels found were all above WHO/EPA recommendations., April: Madrid: Conference “Towards a Mercury-free World”. International conference that gathered a hundred mercury experts from all around the world. 

Articles on mercury in “El ecologista” magazine:

# 39: Mercurio y pescado/Mercury and fish

# 50: El mercurio en la industria del cloro sosa/Mercury in chlor-alkali industry

# 61: Campaña Mercurio Cero/ZeroMercury Campaign

# 58: Mercurio en bombillas de bajo consumo/Mercury in energy-saving lamps

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