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Coordinating NGO for ZMWG funded projects:    Environment and Social Development Organization -ESDO

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 2012  Project title: “Assessing Country Situation of the Mercury Sources and Hotspot in Bangladesh” - Project funded by NRDC/ZMWG

 Summary of the proposed project:  This project is focused on the comprehensive assessment, inventory and situational analysis of mercury uses in Bangladesh and to initiate policy advocacy for national legislation and enforcement of rules, regulations and policy. This project will be implemented in line with the Strategic Approach to global mercury campaign and in order to assess the critical issues associated with the rapid expansion of mercury containing products and process throughout the world. The project will thus seek to prepare, draft and update a national inventory and to establish technical directives to deal with mercury in order to achieve the international standards. We seek to raise awareness of the associated risks of contamination of air, water and soil caused by mercury emission and waste. The general objective of this project is to assist countries to prepare, draft and update a national inventory and technical directives to deal with mercury in order to achieve the international standards of environmentally sound management.

Project aim: The project aims to pursue the environmentally sound management, ban of mercury uses in Bangladesh, according to the International Mercury Negations Strategic Approach and other international obligations. We will be particularly focusing on the assessment and uses of mercury in the industrial and health care and mercury waste disposal in Bangladesh.


  • The major eight activities are proposed in order to properly address the objectives of the project on assessment and inventory of mercury uses in Bangladesh:

    1. To develop a project management and implementation guideline and conduct project team orientation.

    2. To establish contact with the target/ stakeholders (Government and private agencies, research institutions, NGOs, media and individuals) in order to identify the structure of each national market for mercury containing products.

    3. To collect information regarding the situation of mercury uses in the country and make an inventory.

    4. To conduct research for current situation analysis and to review and compare the existing practices for dealing with mercury at the national and regional level.

    5. To conduct knowledge exchange workshops for Civil Societies Organizations, private agencies, research institutions, NGOs, media and individuals and create national and regional advocacy network.

    6. To prepare and publish of information educational and communication-IEC materials.

  • 7. Assessment of the project impact and launching: upon effective completion of the research/ study report, tool-kit/booklet, website, these will be formally launched by a press briefing in order to project outputs.

  • 8. Project follow-up: facilities the IEC campaign and policy advocacy work through


Status: completed- Study Report: Country situation of mercury sources and hotspots in Bangladesh, Workshop report:Country situation of mercury containing products and sources in Bangladesh, PosterBooklet: Mercury sources: Products and Hotspots in Bangladesh

Formulation of national policy on dental amalgam demanded

News Report

Speakers at a programme in the city on Saturday underscored the need for the creation of mass awareness and formulation of a national policy on dental amalgam. They were speaking at the launching ceremony of awareness and educational campaign for mercury free dentistry for the first time in Bangladesh at the Dhaka University.;news_id=52486&date=2012-02-05" href="">;news_id=52486&date=2012-02-05