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Projects supported by EEB/ZMWG  

The Zero Mercury Working Group and the EEB through the Zero Mercury Campaign have been supporting financially (and technically) NGOs from developed and developing countries for national activities as well as participation at international level, to assist in the global campaign. The projects carried out have been designed in view of contributing to the ZMWG global objectives and strategy towards a robust mercury treaty.

Since the campaign started in November 2004 - five  NGOs from developing countries have been supported every year to carry out national activities, and many others have been supported to participate in European and global-UNEP meetings. The following NGOs/countries have been given small grants to develop projects in their countries in relation to mercury. Toxics Link, India, Associação de Combate aos POPs- ACPO, Brazil, Global Village of Beijing, China, and groundWork, South Africa have been supported since 2005. In 2009 one more NGO was given support - Ban Toxics! from Philippines. They have all been working on their proposed and approved projects in view of building capacity in their countries concerning mercury. In 2010 EcoAccord from the Russian Federation, Agenda from Tanzania, IndyACT from Lebanon and Citizens Against Chemical Pollution (CACP) from Japan, have been added in the supported NGOs. In Brazil, Apromac and Toxisphera have also been supported. iLima,Kenya was granted a project in 2011.

In Europe, during the period 2006-2010, five NGOS have been supported respectively from Spain (Ecologistas en Accion), Italy (Legambiente), Czech Republic (Arnika), Germany (DNR)  and France (FNE) -  mainly focusing on mercury use in the chlor-alkali sector. See more details under the Project's page and/or under the respective country's page.

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