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Friday, 03 September 2010 15:16

Coordinating NGO for EEB/ZMWG funded projects:   Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution (CACP)

Contact details:                 Takeshi Yasuma- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2010 Project title:                       INC2 NGO Preparatory activities in Japan 

Project objectives:       

ð     strengthen NGO input in preparation for INC 2 and make the UNEP treaty negotiations known to the Japanese public

ð     Engage the Minimata victims and their supporters in the INC process to underline the lessons to be learnt from Minamata and appeal to the Japanese government for the adoption of a global treaty on mercury

ð     Exert pressure towards a Japanese mercury export ban and safe storage of surplus mercury);

ð     Sensitize the government to the importance of a robust and comprehensive treaty that will control mercury’s full life-cycle by highlighting the Minamata events

Project activities:

    1. Write a report on ‘Mercury issues in Japan’ on the basis of an updated presentation developed already by CACP, to be available for INC 2.
    2. Organizing an NGO symposium in Japan (in December 2010) in view of: engaging the Minamata victims’ groups at the INC process to appeal to governments for a robust treaty; make the UNEP mercury process known to Japanese public: and exert  pressure towards a Japanese mercury export ban (and safe storage of surplus mercury).
    3. Organizing the “Honoring Minamata” side event a day before INC 2 negotiations highlighting the tragedy of Minamata, the need for a strong mercury treaty, and the need for a Japan export ban, along with storage of surplus mercury.

Recommendation: Need for the Japanese government to put in place a mercury export ban and address safe storage of surplus mercury

Status: Completed


All the project activities were successfully carried out during INC 2 in Chiba, Japan


(1) Program for NGO International Mercury Symposium on December 4, 2010 Minamata and Global Mercury Issues

Statement by Minamata Disease Victims and Supporters "Toward the Global Treaty on Mercury".

Photos from the Symposium

(2)Report: Minamata and The Global Treaty on Mercury

(3)Report from Kumamoto and Minamata Visit from September 12 to 14

(4) October 15, 2009 Civil Society Organizations Joint Statement Japanese Government Needs to Enact Mercury Export Ban Act

(5) ZMWG/CACP NGO side event - Honoring Minamata - 23 January 2011 - Chiba, Japan and in Japanese

(6) Report of the Mercury Symposium by CACP - 04 December 2011Report of the Mercury Symposium by CACP - 04 December 2011 - in Japan